Innoship Engineering is active in projects where maritime and mechanical engineering meets software and sensors.

What we do

  • Prototyping
  • Conceptual design
  • Maritime engineering
  • Practical research
  • Testing

We have experience in ship design of vessels up to 20 meters and in total ship systems engineering of small unmanned vessels and sensor buoys. We are interested in projects that exceed the limitations of ‘regular’ ship design.

What we are working on

  • Unmanned ships & other new ship technology
  • Alternative (small) ship propulsion (electric power, hydrogen etc.)
  • Smart waterway monitoring and maintenance
  • Modular ship design
  • 3D printing
  • Prototyping
  • Education and research



Innoship Engineering is knowledge partner in the Aquabots project, a cooperation project between education and business which works on small unmanned vessels for research and survey applications on and under water.


Innoship Engineering worked together with Genuin Engineering to develop the prototype for the Ranmarine WasteShark. The WasteShark is an trash-eating drone for use on inland waterways and ports. The basic shape was designed and prototyped in just 3 weeks, and this same model was tested on open water 5 weeks after that. The same layout is still being used by the production model, operational around the world today.

Trekschuit 2.0

Innoship Engineering was part of the Trekschuit 2.0 Delta Innovation Team that researched the technical and economic feasibility of using the waterways in Dutch cities for logistical operations. Focusing on the city of Delft, the project team developed a concept to introduce logistics by barge into the city of Delft, leading to the creation of the company CityBarge.

Slow Mill

Slow Mill Sustainable Projects bv is developing a system to create energy from the waves of the North Sea. The project was lacking one thing though: a vessel to reach, moor to and maintain the Slow Mill wave energy generator. Innoship Engineering has developed a vessel designed especially for this purpose, which is also partially propelled by energy generated by the Slow Mill.

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